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Backflow preventers should be tested at least once a year and more often if there is any indication of a potential problem.

If a backflow preventer fails it can cause potentially hazardous materials in your drinking water.


Businesses, apartments, and condo complexes are required to have backflow prevention devices in place at cross-connection points. Annual backflow testing and certification for Fort Lauderdale residents is essential for the well-being of everyone in the community. As a business owner or property manager, it is necessary to keep in mind that it isn’t an easy task to tell if water has been contaminated or not.

Many contaminants that get into domestic water systems can make you ill. Your water may look, smell, and even taste normal, but there are plenty of contaminants that can get through undetected by the average person. That is why it is imperative to have a backflow prevention test once a year and get your Fort Lauderdale backflow certification to make sure you and your community are protected.

Backflow Testing and Certification



Taking advantage of the innovations in the backflow industry, we only use the most effective equipment and instruments our current technologies have to offer. Using digital backflow testing devices, we can be faster and more efficient with our readings and our service. We’re able to save valve readings and have them readily available when you need them. If you are due for annual backflow testing, contact our expert backflow certification team in Fort Lauderdale today!

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