Insiders Guide to Selecting a Backflow Prevention Specialist in Florida

Insiders Guide to Selecting a Backflow Prevention Specialist in Broward County

Backflow prevention is a plumbing function aimed at stopping water from flowing reversely. For example, backflow systems use special plumbing devices (called backflow preventers) that allow water to flow only in one direction – forward. That way, backflow preventers avert freshwater cross-contamination, avoiding numerous health risks.

The effectiveness of your backflow prevention system depends on the quality of backflow preventer devices, their installation, and proper handling. However, a human factor is the number one contributor to the functionality of plumbing systems.

Choosing the backflow prevention specialist plays a decisive role in setting up a functional system that prevents cross-contamination. But selecting the professionals that can respond to your unique demands can take time and effort. There are a lot of companies in the backflow prevention field, and they all claim to be the best in their area of expertise. To ensure you hire the best of the best, you need to consider various factors, including their professional background and qualifications, experience, and record.

To help you make the right decision, below is a guide to selecting a backflow prevention specialist in Florida.

Backflow Prevention

1. Find Out What Makes the Best Backflow Prevention Specialist

The first step to choosing the backflow prevention specialist is learning what skills make the best professional in the industry. You need to know the characteristics that the best specialist in the backflow prevention field should possess. To make your learning easier – here are the features you should be looking for in your quest:

  • Efficiency and Reliability. Your plumbing system is one of the key installations in your home. You expect it to function adequately because your health and everyday activities depend on it. Given the importance of maintaining your installations in good repair, you need the best and most efficient backflow prevention specialist when things go wrong. Whether you experience backflow preventer leakage or face other problems, you must deal with it as soon as possible to prevent potential contamination. When selecting a backflow prevention specialist, seek those who offer fast and efficient service. When problems occur, you need professionals who can resolve them effectively and on time. Next, the best backflow prevention specialists are honest and reliable. You want people coming to your property or home to be trusted and valued in your community. When you hire a professional, you expect you can rely on them to give their best. Finally, when dealing with backflow prevention systems, you should know that leakages and other issues can occur in the middle of the night. You cannot wait until the morning because it might be too late – the damage to your plumbing system could be irreversible. You need specialists that will perform repairs immediately. Therefore, seek professionals who offer after-hours service.
  • Experience. Backflow prevention is a sensitive technology that deals with one of the scarcest resources nowadays – fresh (drinkable) water. Its purpose is to keep potable water clean and fresh, preventing cross-contamination and health issues. For that reason, you need to find backflow prevention specialists with years of experience in backflow preventer installation, certification, and repair. Experience is an irreplaceable quality that no other skill can replace. Despite good qualifications, professionals who lack experience can only adequately respond to some of the challenges of the backflow prevention industry. Each situation is different, and every backflow preventer leakage is unique. Only experienced specialists can diagnose and treat every problem with proper care because there are not many issues that can come as a surprise to them. To ensure your situation gets the appropriate attention, hire a specialist with years of experience in their record. Only they can act swiftly and effectively, no matter what time of day or night you call them.
  • Record. Professionals providing services in any field build some track record over time. In the era of social networks, everyone can check the ratings of backflow prevention specialists by searching through impressions. The ratings speak for themselves. The way specialists treat their customers reflects in their online ratings. In smaller communities, you can check backflow prevention records first-hand by talking to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. The best specialists have an impeccable record with clients, proving their satisfaction. Look among those backflow prevention specialists your community trusts because of their past work.

2. Define Your Needs and Expectations

In search of a backflow specialist in Florida, you should first assess your situation and identify your needs. When you know what your unique circumstances require, you will be able to define and narrow your expectations. Depending on the problem, your backflow prevention system may need repair, certification, or installation. If you already have a backflow preventer installed but discover issues with its functioning, you need a specialist to do the necessary repairs. In case of a leakage, that can include closing the valves in your backflow preventer device and isolating it by relieving the pressure. The backflow prevention specialist will remove the nut from the top of the bell and open the valve again to inspect how the water fills up the device. The other situation involves certification. To ensure your backflow preventer does the job, you must maintain it regularly. The certification consists of verifying the backflow devices and confirming they are in good repair. Only licensed specialists can issue appropriate certificates after regular checking and testing. Finally, if your home or residence lacks a backflow preventer device, installing it is your number one priority. In that case, the backflow prevention specialist comes to your premises, assesses the situation, and puts the device in an appropriate place. Installing your backflow preventer outside your home and above the ground is recommendable. The backflow specialist will advise you to put it in an enclosure (to protect it from weather conditions). Hence, before going deeper into the search for a backflow prevention specialist, you must know your needs and define your expectations. That way, you are more likely to find the specialist that fits your situation.

3. Look for Local Specialists

After learning what makes a good backflow prevention specialist and defining your needs, start your search by checking local companies. Use online search to find the best-rating backflow prevention specialists. Check their websites and see their credentials. Most of the websites contain an impressions section. See what other people think of your prospective candidate. Online presentations also display backflow prevention credentials and track records. While web presentations are practical, they are only sometimes authentic. You must know that many professionals pay significant sums to build their online profiles. That includes positive reviews and success records. For that reason, always corroborate online search results with personal experiences. Ask someone you know (coworkers, neighbors, other professionals) what they think of the individual or company you intend to hire.

Look for Local Specialists

4. Check Out Their Qualifications

The next step in your search is checking backflow prevention professional qualifications. As mentioned, client reviews and website presentations are only sometimes truthful. You must see objectively verifiable results confirming that your potential specialist is a good fit for the job. The best way to narrow your search is to examine their professional background. Backflow prevention specialists undergo various courses and training programs. Check their certifications to see if they possess the necessary skills to meet different challenges. One of the programs every specialist should complete is the Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification program, accredited by the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA). The certificate confirms that its holder can test and diagnose how different backflow prevention assemblies operate. Other programs and certificates ensure professionals understand guidelines for acceptable practices and specific industry criteria. Always ensure your potential candidate has the necessary installation, control, and repair certificate.

5. Make a Shortlist

After checking and verifying all available information on your prospects, create a shortlist. Your goal is to make a selection of the best candidates. Eliminate everyone who does not meet the highest standards. If you successfully learned the qualities of the best backflow prevention specialists, picking the best will be easy.

6. Conduct Interviews

It is time to meet the best candidates. Only hire a backflow specialist if you interview them. If meeting them is too inconvenient, schedule an online video call and discuss all relevant matters. However, in-person interviews are the best method to estimate whether the specific candidate is the best pick for the job. During the talk, ask each candidate about their credentials, qualifications, experience, and track record. Ask them about the cost and how they charge their services. Introduce them to your specific situation and ask if they meet your demands. Observe and memorize how they answered your questions. Personal interviews with candidates will enable you to assess their honesty and reliability. That way, you can potentially corroborate their former clients’ experiences.

7. Compare the Costs

One of the last steps before hiring a backflow prevention specialist is comparing the costs. After you interview the best candidates and ask them about the price, perform a comparative analysis of the costs. In this phase, you need to balance the quality and the costs. The most expensive candidate only sometimes guarantees the best customer experience (and vice versa).

8. Hire a Backflow Specialist That Fits Your Unique Situation

Finally, decide which backflow prevention specialists fit your specific needs. After going through all the steps, reflect on everything you learned – consider qualifications, experience, and price, and compare them to your situation. Hire the specialist that is the right fit for the job considering your unique circumstances.

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