Protect Your Business and Customers

Protect Your Business and Customers

Learn Why Backflow Prevention is Essential for Commercial Properties in Fort Lauderdale

Backflow prevention is a sophisticated plumbing technique that helps residential and commercial properties to be safe from cross-contamination. Preventing potable water from getting contaminated serves both residential and commercial buildings. We all want clean drinkable water in our homes and other residential buildings. Backflow preventer devices help us enjoy the benefits of running water in our homes without being exposed to health-related risks. Likewise, by ensuring customers are safe from hazardous substances, backflow preventers protect public health in the commercial realm.

Read on to see why backflow prevention is essential for Fort Lauderdale commercial properties.

What Types of Businesses Must Install Backflow Preventer Devices?

Most businesses in Florida are required to install backflow preventers. The most typical are the following:

  • Restaurants.
  • Schools.
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Funeral homes.
  • Car washes.
  • Dry cleaners.
  • Multi-tenant retail spaces.
  • Beauty and nail salons.

Why is Backflow Prevention Essential for Commercial Properties in Fort Lauderdale?

There are three main reasons why backflow prevention is crucial for commercial properties:

  • Water contamination prevention. The principal reason why any commercial property should (and must) install a backflow preventer device is to protect it from water contamination. Schools, hospitals, hotels, and offices are commercial spaces hosting many customers, clients, and users. They all consume water from built-in plumbing installations. Preventing cross-contamination and enabling clean water supplies in such facilities is crucial.
  • Fines and penalties avoidance. Local and state regulations require businesses and other commercial entities to adhere to public health requirements. Failing to comply with the law results in rigorous fines and penalties. In addition to legal sanctions, businesses allowing water contamination in their facilities often suffer negative consequences in the economic field due to bad reputations. It is worth mentioning that local and state authorities impose penalties not just for failing to install backflow preventers. There are legal implications for commercial properties that disregard regular testing and replacement requirements. The sanctions range from fines to water supply termination.
  • Public health protection. Unlike private buildings, commercial properties use much more water. Restaurants, coffee shops, and office buildings serve hundreds of people daily. They all expect to have clean potable water at their disposal. Filing to install, maintain, and replace backflow preventers regularly can put public health at serious risk. A proper backflow prevention device protects the population by ensuring no harmful bacteria or prevalent diseases occur from drinking water. In other words, backflow preventers in commercial properties are public health’s first line of defense.

Commercial Backflow Prevention Regulations

Section 62-555.360 of Cross Connection Control for Public Water Systems provides that all commercial properties in Florida using potable water systems must install a cross-contamination control program. In other words, businesses connected to public water supplies must install backflow preventers. On the local level, Fort Lauderdale city ordinances (Sections 28-157 of the City Code) require cross-contamination prevention system installation, testing, and maintenance.

The Importance of Regular Backflow Prevention Maintenance in Commercial Properties

As mentioned, all Florida businesses linked to public potable water supplies must install backflow preventer devices. However, installing such devices is just the first step. Proper maintenance is equally important. In addition to endangering public health and risking your business reputation, failing to perform annual testing and certification can lead to fines and penalties.

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